OU Clarinet Gala/Honors Clarinet Choir

Since 2002, Ohio University has hosted an annual Clarinet Gala, a full day of clarinet events for all ages and interests. Since 2012, it has also hosted an Honors Clarinet Choir, comprised of outstanding high school and college clarinetists selected via audition from throughout the region. See below for a description of Clarinet Gala 2019. Stay tuned to this website for information about the next Clarinet Gala and Honors Clarinet Choir auditions. For a list of visiting artists who have performed and/or taught at Ohio University, click here.

For further information, please contact Rebecca Rischin

Clarinet Gala 2019

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, Ohio University hosted its sixteenth clarinet gala, a full day of clarinet events for all ages and interests, in collaboration with Flute Fest and Bassoon Extravaganza. In its seventh year was the Honors Clarinet Choir, featuring outstanding high school and college students selected competitively from schools from all over Ohio, Illinois, Virginia and West Virginia. All events took place in Robert Glidden Hall, the School of Music, on the campus of Ohio University in Athens.

The featured guest was Buffet/Legère artist Steven Cohen, Associate Professor of Clarinet at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He presented a wonderful master class featuring Ohio University students and selected students from the 2019 Ohio University Honors Clarinet Choir, and a fantastic recital with Dr. Anne Marie Scotto, Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory and Collaborative Piano at Ohio University. The recital featured works by Françaix, Nielsen and Britten.

In addition to Cohen’s recital and master class, the day included a presentation on performance anxiety with Rebecca Rischin, Professor of Clarinet at Ohio University; and a hosts recital featuring Rischin; Alison Brown Sincoff, OU Professor of Flute; Matthew Morris, OU Associate Lecturer of Bassoon; and Anne Marie Scotto. They performed works by Carnicer y Batlle, Gabaye, Glazounov, Guaraldi and Washburn. The Honors Clarinet Choir, Honors Bassoon Choir, and Honors Flute Choir presented a super grand finale concert performing works by Gabrieli, Debussy, Chamberlain, Cardon, Shaw and Harvey. Current Ohio University students also performed in the flute, bassoon, and clarinet choirs. Featured soloists with the Honors Clarinet Choir were Juan Gonzalez and Jose Rodriguez, OU Master’s students in Performance, and Kayla Stubblefield, OU junior in Music Therapy. The day also featured a pizza lunch, and members of the Honors Clarinet Choir received t-shirts with an Ohio University Clarinet Gala/Honors Clarinet Choir design. Woodwind instrument and accessories exhibitors graced the Glidden Hall lobby.

Photo at top: 2019 Ohio University Honors Clarinet Choir. Left: Rebecca Rischin, host and Steven Cohen, guest artist.